Hakimi Transfers fee & news: Super speed on the wing side in PSG

September 24, 2022 John 0

Hakimi transfer fee: Paris Saint-Germain has announced the arrival of the Moroccan defender in the summer transfer window of the 2021/22 season. The talented right-back was among the top stars who came to the club at that time. Follow the article below to upload transfer fees and news related to his most recent contract, and more.

Bayern Munich Transfer: All Ins and Outs of 2022

September 23, 2022 John 0

When the next season 2022/23 is going to start, almost all clubs have been preparing the necessities for their team. Today, let’s see after the transfer market window of 2022, how will Bayern Munich club change, and what are Bayern Munich transfer ins and outs?

Jorginho transfer news

Jorginho Transfer News: Where is He Going?

September 22, 2022 John 0

Jorginho transfer fee: Jorginho is a talented midfielder and gives his all for his team. The guy has an extremely successful season with the EURO 2020 championship. He is a bright star at Chelsea and holds an irreplaceable role. Follow the article if you are interested in his transfer fees and news.

Ander Herrera Transfer News: The Ups and Downs in His Transfer Fee

September 21, 2022 John 0

Ander Herrera transfer fee: an interesting deal about the official return of midfielder Herrera from PSG to the “old home” of Athletic Bilbao. What will his future look like once again? Stay tuned for his journey in the 2022/23 season. The following article will clearly explain his transfer news, fees, and more.

Destiny Udogie transfer: Will Udogie become the 7th Tottenham contract?

September 18, 2022 John 0

Destiny Udogie transfer: As a young but excellent player in the last season, Destiny Udogie is the name that is currently being noticed by Tottenham and wants to have in its squad. Stay tuned to see how this Destiny Udogie transfer news and whether Tottenham will officially sign the seventh new player this summer.

Phil Jones transfer fee and news – The unluckiness in career

September 17, 2022 John 0

Phil Jones transfer fee & news: He is unlucky in a position that doesn’t have much acting space in the lineup. He’s had some really dark years in his career. However, he still constantly strives and develops himself to come back better and better. In this year’s transfer season, where will he play? Follow the article below to learn more.

Read on the rumor of De Jong transfer to Man Utd

September 16, 2022 John 0

The new football season has begun, and at this point, it seems that the transfer deals have been completed. The clubs are fully formed for the new season. However, there are still a number of contracts with no clear conclusion because of troubles from the old club. Among them is De Jong – a Barcelona player who is in the expectation of Man Utd. Let’s find out if the news of De Jong transfer to Man Utd is true or not.

Explore top 10 of the Chelsea most expensive signings

September 15, 2022 John 0

Chelsea most expensive signings: Chelsea is one of the pioneering clubs with a strategy known as “using money to buy titles”. Right here, let’s find out in more detail about the top 10 of the most expensive players Chelsea has ever signed.