Hakimi Transfers fee & news: Super speed on the wing side in PSG


Hakimi transfers – Archaf Hakimi has become a rookie of the PSG club with a transfer value of 71 million euros in 2021. He also became the most expensive defender in history and the third most expensive contract of the team. If you want to know about this super speedy player of PSG, this post will you more about him with his impressive transfer fees over time.

 About Achraf Hakimi


Achraf Hakimi transfers news
Achraf Hakimi

The defender is Moroccan born in 1998. But surprisingly, Achraf has a purely African family background but grew up in a European country – namely at Getafe, in Madrid, Spain. Currently, a player who plays for the French capital team in the Right-Back position at the age of 23. Up to now, Hakimi has played for 1 season for PSG since completing the contract on transfer news.

Why did you get so much attention in that year’s deal? Frankly, Hakimi became the most expensive player in club history with an admirable transfer fee. In this era, his career is recognized for his impressive performances in the matches he has featured in. Achraf has progressed through the ranks and his skills have become more outstanding, specifically in 2018 the Moroccan star was named one of the 50 best young players in the world. To own such a high cost, Hakimi must be a suitable name in the defense system of the “princeland”.

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Fee of Hakimi transfers 

Inter Milan to PSG (£59.85M)

Hakimi transfer fee & news

Returning to the difficult transfer summer of 2021/22 because of the Covid-19 epidemic situation. Hakimi is the main character who receives a “huge” transfer fee from PSG to compete for the right side in their squad. £59.85M to be exact for a five-year contract with other terms. That means that the successful deal contributed to bringing Inter Milan a huge fee at that time. Besides, Hakimi’s performance at that time attracted the attention of the “big giants.” Besides PSG, Chelsea also had a move to care about the Moroccan player. He is almost on the verge of becoming a Blues player with an offer to swap players for a discount in the 2021/22 season.

The appearance with the PSG shirt is a turning point to bring Hakimi’s name into the list of the most expensive defenders in history, above all, it is the third most expensive contract of the team in all.

Hakimi rumor transfer news

Spending time playing at the home team PSG, Hakimi who caused a stir with the transfer fee has once again been named with MU club. Specifically, he was targeted in the campaign to strengthen the Red Devils’ forces. Achraf Hakiri is on the list that the club expects to add to the right-back position. With top-notch performances, Hakimi is highly appreciated as a defender. Recently, he has successfully completed 2 goals and 1 assist for PSG after 3 Ligue 1 matches this season. Not yet official, but it seems that Hakimi’s change of itinerary for the Paris team may be coming to an end. But we never know what will happen ahead, let’s follow the steps of this talented right-back.

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Hakimi transfer fee history

Before he became a PSG player, Achraf Hakimi PSG has grown from the early days of his fledgling career to the breadth of experiences of senior clubs. Specifically, the times Hakimi received the transfer fee related to the clubs: Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, and Inter Milan.

Stay tuned for the next paragraph on his historical transfer fee and news from the different stages

Hakimi transfer fee history

It can be fair to say that Hakimi is only 23 years old, possessing many admirable personal achievements compared to her generation. Specifically, such as UEFA Champions League Breakthrough XI (2019), Globe Soccer Awards Best Young Arab Player of the Year, or Best Moroccan player abroad in two consecutive awards 2020/21 and 2021/22. These awards are favorable conditions that help him gain appreciation. Indeed, the high fees are worth it for Hakimi.

Real Madrid to Borussia Dortmund (loan)

Transfer to Borussia Dortmund (loan)

The beginning of Hakimi’s series of transactions in the transfer window was the farewell of Real Madrid to Borussia Dortmund on loan. On 11 July 2018, he officially accompanied the club in 2 tournaments. The talented defender contributed to the club’s victory over Atletico Madrid in the Champions League. Moreover, during that period he also received the Most Promising African Young Player of the Year 2018 at the CAF Awards 2018.

Inter Milan (£38.7M)

Hakimi transfer to Inter Milan

This was followed by the appearance of a young star at Inter Milan club in 2020/21 summer with a 5-year signing. Honestly, this is the deal where he received his first signing since playing for various clubs. He was like lightning speed on the pitch with impressive goals with 6 goals in a total of 32 appearances. Typically, the first goal for Inter Milan in 42 minutes against Benevento in Serie A.

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The above article has also mentioned information about the Hakimi transfers of news and fees. If you love this player then keep following his journey at PSG. In addition, we will always update the news about the latest signings at FFootballLive for you to easily follow.

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