List of Chelsea all time appearances – Over 100 games

Who are the Chelsea all time appearances players? In the club journey of foggy land, it is worthwhile to admire the legends from the club’s infancy to potential rookies at their peak.

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Chelsea appearances of all time in the article below.

List of Chelsea most appearances 

Chelsea most appearances 

Chelsea is a professional football team known for its outstanding titles. Moreover, behind the success of The Blues, it is impossible to mention the players who dedicated themselves to that great cause. Typically legends are on the list of players who have all chances to make the most appearances in Chelsea ever.

The following is the information sheet of the top 10 Chelsea all-time appearances!

Name Appearances Years Nationality Position Goals
Ron Harris 795 1961–1980 England Defender 14
Peter Bonetti 729 1959–1979 England Goalkeeper
John Terry 717 1998–2017 England Center Back 67
Frank Lampard 648 2001–2014 England Midfielder 211
John Hollins 592 1963–1975


England Midfielder 64
Petr Čech 494 2004–2015 Czech Republic Goalkeeper
Dennis Wise 445 1990–2001 England Midfielder 76
Steve Clarke 421 1987–1998 Scotland Right Back 10
Kerry Dixon 420 1983–1992 England Striker 193
Eddie McCreadie 410 1962–1974 Scotland Left Back 5

The statistics of Chelsea appearances are impressive. In the last decade, the Stamford Bridge team has created opportunities for legends to shine. To be fair, Ron Harris has Chelsea top appearances of all time, following that is Peter Bonetti and John Terry, respectively. 

Ron Harris

chelsea fc appearances

Ron Harris (Chopper) is the first legend who has 1st position in the list of the most The Blues players of all time appearances. He has played as a defender for The Blues since the 20th century. Besides that, his name is also on a list of the best Chelsea players of all time. During his playing history, he has made Chelsea’s most appearances in matches with a record number of 795. Of course, this great defender has been at the club for 18 years.

Peter Bonetti

chelsea all-time appearances

Following the standings, goalkeeper Peter Bonetti also has the next name who has all time Chelsea appearances with the Stamford Bridge club. He joined Chelsea in 1959 and left in 1979. The former goalkeeper made a total of 729 appearances during his 21-year career. The club flourished in the land of fog at that time. He achieved several admirable achievements such as European C2, FA Cup, and FA Cup youth team, and won the English First Division twice.

John Terry

best defender of all time

Besides the legends of the previous generation, John Terry is one of the who had the most appearances at the Blues. Having been with the Blues for 20 years, he is known as one of the best Chelsea defenders of all time. Perhaps, the position of the great legend is irreplaceable in the hearts of the fans. During 717 matches in the Chelsea shirt, John Terry also had outstanding contributions: 5X Premier League Silver Cup, 5X FA Cup, 3X League Cup, 1X Europa League, and Champions League title ( 2012).

List of Chelsea top appearances still playing now
The total number of appearances by current players is still increasing, let’s see information about them.

Name Appearances Years Nationality Position Goals
César Azpilicueta 479 2012 to date Spain Defender 13
N’Golo Kanté 222* 2016 to date France Midfielder 12
Marcos Alonso 156 2016 to date Spain Left-back Wing-back 22

César Azpilicueta 

chelsea all time appearances still playing

At the moment, Caesar Azpilicueta is a Chelsea player who has the top appearances in the official squad. The defender cum captain of Spain has 479 appearances in the leagues of The Blues. He has the advantage of a good attitude and suffers from difficult situations. Azpilicueta is acknowledged as a leader for helping his teammates in the club.

NGolo Kante

NGolo Kante midfielder

NGolo Kante is the next player on the list of Chelsea most appearances still playing now. He is a French star who has been playing for Chelsea since 2016. The midfielder impresses fans with his courtesy and cuteness. Therefore, 222 times he appeared on the pitch, always giving the audience happy moments. Perhaps, Kante is a player who brings a good atmosphere in intense matches.

Marcos Alonso

best players at the Blues

Marcos Alonso is a young player for the Blues but he has been featured in many all-time matches. Moreover, the Spaniard has a chance to shine on the left wing after 156 appearances. He has a muscular appearance and agile speed that brings unique tackles that make opponents wary.

The above article has discussed the list of Top 10 Chelsea all time appearances. They have the opportunity to shine with a teammate in matches. If you are interested in information about this club, follow our other articles at FFootballLive.Com.

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